Rise out of bed with picture-perfect, beautiful brows, flushed lips and more!


  • Microblading


  • lash line 

  • freckles


  • Saline Removal


With Elexa $650

With Mandy Miso $750

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique that uses feather-like strokes of pigment to create natural looking brows. Each stroke is meant to mimic the look of natural hairs, and pigment is deposited via a small blade and multiple tiny needles. It's perfect for people who are looking to fill in their existing brows, or people who need a whole brow built: it works for everyone!

***Includes a follow up appointment

Combo Brow/Powder Brow $750

Ombre brows are the ultimate bold look for clients who want sharp and defined brows. This technique creates a beautifully soft transition from dark to light beginning at the tail of the brow, imitating the powdered makeup look with a perfectly defined shape.

***Includes a follow up appointment