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  • Microblading




Microblading is a semi-permanent technique that uses feather-like strokes of pigment to create natural looking brows. Each stroke is meant to mimic the look of natural hairs, and pigment is deposited via a small blade and multiple tiny needles. It's perfect for people who are looking to fill in their existing brows, or people who need a whole brow built: it works for everyone!

Microshading $600 

Gives the appearance of natural hair that blends in with the client's natural hair growth pattern. This is ideal for a client who wants to make a subtle but noticeable change to their appearance.

***Includes a follow up appointment

Soft Combo Brow (Blading & Shading) $600 

Ombre brows are the ultimate bold look for clients who want sharp and defined brows. This techniques creates a beautifully soft transition from dark to light beginning at the tail of the brow, imitating the powdered makeup look with a perfectly defined shape.

***Includes a follow up appointment

Powder Brow $550 

This technique relies entirely on manual machine shading to achieve a softer powdered look. If you are looking for something light and natural, this is the technique for you!

Bold Combo Brow $650 

Combination brows are ideal for clients who want their natural brows to look more powdered. This procedure combines both Microblading and Ombre shading techniques. The hair stroke effect gives the brow realism, while the shading throughout adds depth and dimension for a very realistic and polished brow.