At The Beauty Slayer, we have a few dozen services to bring your skin back to life, explore our treatment options below or contact us for additional information and to request a consultation.


  • IPL 



  • Peels


IPL/Lummeca Face Treatment $400 (per session) l Package of 3 $1000 l (Enter Time)

Lumecca is the most effective intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments for pigmented and vascular lesions. Patients notice significant improvements in their skin's complexion and clarity after just one use. Lumecca uses photohermolysis to deliver a photofacial through the application of a gentle light treatment that helps tighten pores, reverses sun damage, removes hyper pigmentation, improves tone and texture, refines rosacea and vascular lesions, removes age spots and tightens skin.

Discover a better way to enhance the appearance of your skin, reduce skin irregularities, and look years younger with Lummeca.

Spot Treatment (No bigger than a Toonie) $75 l (Enter Time)






  • waxing


Before taking on the world again, escape the stresses of life with one of our facials, customized to your skin's needs. If you are unsure about which treatment is best for you, please contact us and book a free consultation.

Luxe Facial Treatment $135 l 80 mins 

A luxurious facial that is used to firm the skin while stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin. This ultimate facial includes a deep cleanse, steam, double exfoliation, double masking, extractions, high frequency and LED light therapy, leaving the skin revitalized, smooth, glowing, and lustrous!

*** Skin care products chosen by aesthetician for individuals skin concerns 

Basic Facial $100 l 60 mins

The ultimate classic facial that will leave your skin glowing with radiance, plumped, and rejuvenated. For maximum results, this treatment includes a cleanse, exfoliation, steam, light extractions, and high frequency masking that is specifically tailored to your skin.

*** Those who have rosacea or eczema will not have their faces      steamed.  

Mini Facial $60 l 30 mins 

A mini facial for time-pressed, on-the-go clients looking for a quick boost. This express facial is a thorough deep cleanse that includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, steam, extractions, tone, and finishing products tailored to your skin type.

Acne Facial $140 l 80 mins 

A hydrating facial used to balance oil, fight acne and blemishes, and detoxify the skin. This treatment uses intense yet gentle exfoliants to help weaken the bonds of unwanted dead skin cells, leaving the skin clarified and radiant.

*** Requires multiple sessions for ultimate results.


  • facial cupping

  • gua sha

  • Sleeping Beauty

  • the Holy Grail


Facial Cupping Treatment $ 100 (per session) l (Enter time)

Facial cupping is a technique that uses small suction cups to increase circulation in the face. The non-invasive therapy works by creating space between the skin and the muscles, allowing blood and oxygen to flow freely, helping the skin heal and regenerate.

The Beauty Benefits of Facial Cupping:

Increases blood circulation, strengthens skin tissues, reduces puffiness, regulates oil production, stimulates collagen production, relaxes muscle tension, brightens the skin, minimizes the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, and tones chin, jawline and neck.


As with any therapeutic treatment, results can vary from person to person.  Although you will most likely see results at your initial treatment, the recommended course of treatment with facial cupping consists of between 6 and 12 sessions for the longest lasting results. The results are cumulative, especially if treatments are performed 1-2 times per week. Strongly recommend for monthly follow-up sessions to maintain the original results.